21 October 2007

Winter is Officially Here

As in, it snowed last night, and there is still snow on the ground this morning. Maybe it needs the 24-hour test? I dunno. And I'm sure it's because we're so high up in the mountains, I'm sure SLC didn't get as much snow.
Yesterday, because we had the entire family here, my mom wanted to take family pictures. So we all went out into the backyard, took pictures by these trees, and even took some pictures of leaf fights, throwing around handfuls of leaves. Last night we came home from dinner, and it was snowing, and my mom was like, quick, let's take the winter family photos now!
Of course, we didn't because it was so dark, but we may actually do it after church.

My problem is that because I'm "invited" to go to church, and not required, I have a three-hour in window in which my family (and the whole neighborhood--advantages of living where I do, I guess) is at church . . . and I had decided to be brave and do a (brief) nude "photoshoot" (I'm uncomfortable using real photography/modeling terms for what I do . . . I'm not sure why) outside in the leaves.
Well, now there's no leaves. Lots of snow. I might do something in the snow. Maybe. If so, I have to come up with it before I go out, because it will be so freaking cold.

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  1. Snow? Already? And I thought Chicago had nasty weather.


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